About Motosurf Nation

Motosurfnation.com aims to provide the Motosurf industry with a platform where the community can organize, collaborate, learn, share and grow.

Since 2013

2013 marks the beginning of motosurfnation.com when a group of sport enthusiasts and creative professionals got together to promote this new exciting discipline. Our curiosity only grew bigger with the industry's potential, its energy and its sometimes chaotic product releases.


After close to a decade of sustained research & development, prototypes and product releases, the industry is finally counting several strong manufacturers. The growing products' variety and the increasing reliability are now enjoyed by all, from professional athletes to casual riders.
There is still much to be done, especially in improving services and in organizing the sport. Motosurfnation.com chose this crucial time to offer a collaborative platform to connect, reflect and grow the industry.

Our vision

We do not sell equipment. Motosurfnation.com is a catalyst that, with your help, will give the industry a voice by providing fresh and timely content on products, actors and trends. We want to better define the global regulatory landscape and seek ways to grow the community.

Who is Motosurfnation.com

Sports journalists, manufacturers, resellers, thrill seekers, competitors, engineers, explorers, coaches, riders,... you are motosurfnation.com. What is motosurfing to you?

Our Goals

  • Organize reviews to help brands and customers
  • Promote the brands that have been shaping the industry
  • Educate consumers on products, techniques and local regulations
  • Help structure the competitive scene
  • Facilitate access to reliable information, professionals and products
  • Establish a comprehensive industry directory
  • Inspire collaboration and communication

Thank you for sharing your love!

"I would like to spend a few words to congratulate you with the job done by Motosurf Nation. Since I started to get more interested in Jetsurfs I "bumped into"  the web and found it very interesting and learned lots of things ....I first believed that all the world of this sport is about Jetsurf and really appreciated your 360°view, giving space to all other boards and events, that opened my eyes and gave me a much better photograph of the situation. I believe it is very important and brings a lot of positive aspects for everyone involved  in this sport - or interested in being involved as, for example, was in my case ...it would be very difficult to find the same amount of information around the web, having to spend a lot of energy and time to look for every single bit of it from different places." Roberto. B