All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Day 2 Testing Lampuga Air and Supjet

By Geraldine 18 September 2017

Have you ever tried to draw a parallel between a F1 and a Beetle?

Both quite fun but not playing in the same league... It's been a bit of a frustrating day as we were extremely limited on one of the most expensive thing on earth: TIME. That being said, we had the lake to ourselves and a great opportunity to test and record both SUPJET and LAMPUGA AIR

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Day 1 Testing Jetsurf

By Geraldine 15 September 2017

One of our main goals in this testing tour — appart from networking and gathering the community — is to help clarify the market situation and understand what boards are or are not available "right away" — meaning, not for preordering. Are they true, fake or promising jetboards at the prototype/project stage?

1st European All Star Jet Board Testing Tour Kicks off Tomorrow!

By Geraldine 12 September 2017

This testing tour put together with the help of Jet Board Limited, Jetsurfing Nation and E-surfer for a bit of "end of season fun" kicks off tomorrow morning in the "Joyful Town" of Villajoyosa with some serious riding and filming, testing Jetsurf, Lampuga and Supjet LAKE. Learn, more about the spirit and detailed schedule ...  


By Motosurf 06 September 2017

The pouring down rain on Friday didn't prevent racers from offering some spectacular performance at the MotoSurf World Cup in Prague over the past weekend. Lukáš Záhorský managed to close Sebastian Kubinec in the current leading, while Martina Bravencová extended her leadership.

All Star Jet Board Testing Tour is COMING SOON!

By Geraldine 05 September 2017

Jet Board Limited, Jetsurfingnation and Motosurfnation are about to start the European testing tour. We will be meeting E-surfer, testing the Jetson jet boards, Waterwolf jet boards, Water Rebel jet boards and for the first time in Europe we will be testing the Lift Foils! Watch our teaser and learn more about the first European Jetboard Testing Tour.

MotoSurf WorldCup heading to the Czech Republic this weekend

By Motosurf 29 August 2017
MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 is heading to the Czech Republic - homeland of Jetsurf! The 4th racing series of the season will once again, take place right in downtown Prague. World's fastest jetsurfers will take their carbon fiber Jetsurf crafts on the course located between the beautiful Czech National Theatre and the famous Charles Bridge. This first weekend of September the gorgeous Czech Capital should be the stage of some great racing action!

Announcing the 1st European All Star Jetboard Testing Tour

By Motosurf 23 August 2017

Enjoy a myriad of fantastic European destinations — from gorgeous lakes to mythic seaside riding spots — and get to better know a large selection of jetboards through numerous tests and demos. Follow us daily and experience the 1st All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Starting September 14th in Benidorm and ending two weeks later in Hoces del rio duraton —  Spain. Learn more and don't miss out the 1st European All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Kick-off!


By Motosurf 10 July 2017

Motivated and ready to fight, current MotoSurf WorldCup leader Sebastian Kubinec was determined to extend his Championship lead at the third stop at Wyboston Lakes.


By Motosurf 10 July 2017

Motosurf World Cup Race 3 at Wyboston Lake – United Kingdom  — Official Press Release 

Motosurf World Cup Ready For The UK Round

By Motosurf 07 July 2017

WYBOSTON (UK) Motosurf World Cup race — July 7 to 9 — Official Press Release.

First Official World Record On A Jetboard

By Motosurf 22 June 2017

Three motosurf instructors of our first Business Member — Jet Board Limited — took part in a fun day with BBC kids TV channel "Officially Amazing" and while entertaining the kids of England with their Jetboards and riding skills, Slade Brooks from Cape town (South Africa), Louis Allen & Paul Desmond from UK, managed to set two world records.