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All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017: Introducing the Inflatable Esurf S1 Featured

We keep dreaming of an endless summer and today, the All Star Jetboard Testing Tour is back to Spain in Benidorm with our Business member Jet Board Limited and Official contributor Jetsurfing Nation to meet with the eSurf team. Three amazing guys — Danny Tao, Clarbi Lu, and Peter Pan — came in person from China to meet us, represent their brand and show their product.

Esurf Specs

Type: Electric
Length: 230 cm (90 inch)
Width: 76 cm (30 inch)
Height: 10 cm (3.9 inch)
Total Weight: 26 kg/ 59 lbs (with battery) 17kg (Hull only)
Size of the packaging: 840 x 690 x 280mm 
Max Speed: Up to 26km/h (14 knots) for the lighter people (up to 65kg)
Max Speed with hydrofoil: up to 22km/h for heavier peopleMax Load: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Power: Information is not available yet 
Charging time: 1.5 hour with the optional quick charger 
Battery Life: 20 minutes at full speed
MSRP: Approx $2999

Concept and Comparison with other boards

eSurf is an entry level, recreational, fun and easy family electric inflatable jetboard. Its concept is close to the Lampuga Air (no longer available on the market). The eSurf is one of the most affordable jetboards available with a price around 3000.00$ while most other jetboards can reach $15.000

Idea is close to Lampuga Air but the board is much lighter (26kg, while Lampuga Air is close to 32kg), easy to use and to carry around; it fits in any car and you can take it everywhere you want; It is much cheaper than the Lampuga Air but also less powerful.
The main difference is that the eSurf is a one-piece jetboard, unlike the Lampuga Air made of 2 units (Inflatable hull + Battery Pack).
The power delivered is closer to the Onean Carver; We improvised a short contest for fun between both jetboards to have a better idea, and the Carver won from a short distance. 

 eSurf brand and company 

As a sub-brand of ePropulsion which is an innovative company specialising in marine electric propulsion systems, eSurf focuses on designing and manufacturing electric surfboards for watersports lovers who have no easy access to waves. As the first electric surfboard model under eSurf powered by lithium battery, eSurf S1 brings a surfing experience on flat waters without any emission. Placing user experience as a priority, the board is designed to be foldable and save space and energy. 
We just want to make watersports to be easy for everyone, that means have fun, light weight, easy for transportation, easy to control, easy to install, high quality together with a good price. That's the target that eSurf S1 wants to achieve at beginning of design phase and so far it seems to be realized.

Peter PAN (Cofounder & CEO) 

Unboxing the eSurf: What's in the box?

1 Quick start manual
1 Charger
1 Repair kit
1 Leash 
1 hand strap
1 Hydrofoil 
1 Manual Pump 
1 Remote controller
2 Emergency magnet keys (kill switch)
1 Inflatable body 
1 battery pack

What's optional (not included in the original box)?

- Electric pump 
- Case 
- Fast charger (charges the battery from empty to full in only 1.5 hour)
- Spare Batteries
- Spare Hydrofoil
- Spare remote controller
- Spare emergency keys
- Spares for almost anything included in the box

What makes this board interesting?

Unique features such as :

- Combined electric engine unit

- & inflatable body 

- Attachable hydrofoil 

- Waterproof

- Good floatability

- Smart battery and floatable remote controller ...  You can even use the battery as a charger for the electric pump!

- Battery indicator

- Extremely lightweight and small

- Maintenance free

Steps to set up the board

1- Inflate your jetboard to 1 bar

2- Stick the hydrofoil on (for riders over 65kg) 

3- Plug the battery (no synchronisation needed - turns it on by itself)

4- Attach the leash to the board


5- Plug the emergency key 


6- Start the board with the on/off button of the remote controller

7- Control the speed with the dedicated slider 

The eye of the rider

It's not a fast racing board but if you are starting in this sport and don't have any surfing experience, while looking for a cheap beginner board, this might be a great solution for you. 

A lot of great features in this fun and light jetboard with a special mention for the attachable hydrofoil, offering an improved glide to heavier riders and helping them to find their balance and reach a decent speed. As Wayne mentioned, it is relevant to specify that

"The foil here is not designed to lift you up but rather to stabilise the board."

The hydrofoil is not necessary for riders under 65kg. Also, it is good to say that the eSurf concept is smart enough so you don't need any tool to set up your inflatable jetboard, not even to add your hydrofoil, you just need to clip it on. We are looking forward to see it on the market and receive some feedback about the product durability. 

Inflate and Set up your board in 5 min. thanks to the optional electric pump, rechargeable via the board battery. 

According to developers the board can reach up to 25km/h for the lighter people (up to 65kg) and up to 22km/h WITH hydrofoil for heavier people. The battery lasts 20 minutes and you can swap it in seconds.

The jet Unit is integrated to the inflatable body. So you save a lot of time to set up the whole board.

The quick Start User Manuel is very clear and well made.

e-Surf stands for Easy/Electric Surf


The eSurf are now available for pre-order with a deposit of $499, starting from this week with a Limited number of jetboards in stock, a larger production is scheduled for the upcoming year. The eSurf team plans to set the warehouse in Europe so you won't need to ship it from China!

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