Onean Carver Urban Surfing in Bilbao - Onean Carver Urban Surfing in Bilbao - Featured by Motosurf Nation

City Surfing - Onean Boards Featured

City Surfing - Onean Electric SurfBoards - Featured by Motosurf Nation

Live your dreams! Thanks to the innovative city of Bilbao and its people for allowing us to film this video

Onean Team

Filmed by Filmak Media and Edited by Onean

We designed the track and made it ourselves, it was between 100 and 150 m long. We installed it in various spots around the city of Bilbao and people began to gather around.

Based in South of France; graduated with a master degree in sports management; also studied marketing and business communications at Wollongong University, Australia ... a few years ago :)
Enjoy (playing and watching) all kind of sports and currently in charge of marketing and PR for MSN. Favorite things in life? Friends, Family, Travel, Sports, Tasty Food and Motosurf Nation of course!