Jeff Scott challenging Nazare Monster Wave with a Jetsurf - Jeff Scott challenging Nazare Monster Wave with a Jetsurf - By Jetsurfing Nation official contributor of Motosurf Nation

Jetsurf Nazare Big Wave Challenge by Jeff Scott - Trailer Featured

  25 February 2018
Jetsurf Nazaré Big Wave Challenge by Jeff Scott - By Jetsurfing Nation Official Contributor of Motosurf Nation

7 am , 2°C in Portugal, Jeff Scott meet with Mike — our official contributor from Jetsurfing Nation — to set his own personal record and challenge the biggest wave ever surfed with a jetboard. To do so, Jeff chose the mythical spot of Nazaré in Portugal well known by every respectable rider and must take advantage of a two-hour window from 8 till 10 with "good" conditions. Breathtaking video trailer in this article

Nazare known as a Jetsurf spot?

Nazare in Portugal is a big wave spot in winter that only very skillful, experienced and confident riders dare facing. EXTREME WAVES and conditions guaranteed. NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS OR INTERMEDIATES WHEN IT'S BIG. 

The potential of Nazaré is insane thanks to a finger of deep water pointing directly at the beach to the north of town resulting in a huge, heavy and hollow beach peaks for the brave, similar to La Nord in Hossegor. 

Meet with Jeff Scott


We've been looking out for this chance for about six months, checking for the right conditions for a while, there was quite a lot of preparation for this event with test ride, rescue team and talk with Nuno Santos. 

Mike with Jetsurfing Nation

"My new epic jetsurfing short movie about the BIGGEST waves in the world that happen to be near my place in Nazaré, Portugal. My goal was to show the emotion and power of the waves and the challenge Jeff needed to overcome to be able to surf them using a jet board. Big thanks to Jeff Scott from Sussex Installations for his inspiration and courage to ride and make it happen David from Atlantic Safaris Nazaré Nuno Santos big wave surfer for jetski assistance Luis Costa for drone filming and support Garrett McNamara big wave legend (he was on the spot that day as well). "

Coming soon

- An exclusive interview with Jeff Scott - The full Video


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