Jetsurf Paddock at Puerto Deportivo Marina Greenwich Altea Spain Jetsurf Paddock at Puerto Deportivo Marina Greenwich Altea Spain Jetsurf and MSWC

MSWC official test in Altea and La Vila — Spain Featured

The MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 was kicked off on Wednesday in Altea —Spain— at Puerto Deportivo Marina Greenwich, with an official test programme and here is a selection of the best pics found on the web. Day 1 was set for arrivals and briefings, Day 2 partially took place in Altea, Day 3 in beautiful Vila Joiosa known to the locals simply as La Vila, and day 4 was an open day for the racers. The whole event gives a good taste of the thrilling international competition to come; Audience, staff and riders have been enjoying a beautiful weather and taking part to the characteristic excellent atmosphere of the MSWC

The MotoSurf WorldCup pre-season testing in Spain was the first official meeting of teams and riders in 2017. Over 30 jetsurfers in total from men and women category joined the action. Riders experienced a tough water conditions with big waves among the boeys on day one. Much more joy came on day two and three. Vila Joiosa provided a comfortable set-up for riding and racers could spent the whole day on a beutiful Spanish water surface.

Pics speak for themselves, the best and charismatic riders such as 2017 champions Aneta Sacherová, Lukas Zahorsky, Jakub Kornfeil, or Ale Rivas (new US team member for the women category), Martin Sula (Jetsurf founder), Ivo Strouhal, Kristina Ševčíkováand, Martina Lukscheider, young and promising Sebastián Kubinec and so many others didn't hesitate to take a flight and put their skills to the test before the D day, May 12 in France, official season opener of the MotoSurf WorldCup.

MSWC Teams composition 

Jetsurf Factory Team was present in full strenght with Martin Šula, Jakub Kornfeil and a newcomer into the women class Elisabeta Faitová. The second squad run by the Jetsurf factory is MSR Engines Team with two 2016 Champions Lukáš Záhorsky and Aneta Šacherová. The duo was missing their third team mate Michal Lošťák who will jump into racing right away in the first race of the Championship. Jetsurf Slovakia’s Sebastian Kubinec was working hard to build up on his 2016 great performances. Recently announced Jetsurf USA’s Ale Rivas from Mexico enters the 2017 with big expectations. Ale trained so hard and it will be interesting to see where she can be during the season. 

Symbio Jetsurf Team with Ivo Strouhal and Martina Bravencová looked in a great shape and there is no doubt they will be aiming high. So will be the Prague Jetsurf Club with two Jans – Charouz and Svoboda, Pavel Heiník and Martina Lukscheider. Hard Racing – a brand new squad from Brno brought all the three racers, Nicolas and Jiří Blaha and supermoto rider Jan Drkoš. They all seem to be adapting quite quickly to a WorldCup competition environment. It was fantastic to see Luxury Water Toys‘ Flavien Neyertz back – the very first World Cup Champion who is ready to make racing come back after one season off. Rebel Surf UK came with a two members representation. Super experienced Steven Garner will be a great guide to Mohammed Abuelgasim who is heading into his first WorldCup full season and these two had some productive practice sessions together in Spain. Murat Yurgancilar didn’t miss an opportunity to ride with the World’s top guns. So did two new faces into the Championship, Tomáš Ševčík and Michal Svojšík. 

These shots were taken by the MSWC and Jetsurf official facebook members, as well as motosurf riders who take part to the community and accepted to share the MSWC Official test programme from their perspective. 

Special thanks to Jetsurf local and global staff, Petr Moskito for him photographic skills, Wayne brooks and Tania Alcala Soler for their work and contribution. 

Portraits of our Community contributors:

Petr Moskito:

Petr Modkito     

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Wayne brooks 

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