All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017: Introducing the Inflatable Esurf S1

By Motosurf 30 November 2017

We keep dreaming of an endless summer and today, the All Star Jetboard Testing Tour is back to Spain in Benidorm with our Business member Jet Board Limited and Official contributor Jetsurfing Nation to meet with the eSurf team. Three amazing guys — Danny Tao, Clarbi Lu, and Peter Pan — came in person from China to meet us, represent their brand and show their product.

Extended All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017 - BRAND NEW TRAILER!

By Motosurf 23 October 2017

Extended tour?! ... Coming soon More brands, Unexpected challengers, Deeper interviews 

MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 final path in Florida

By Motosurf 19 October 2017

November 3 to 5, the MotoSurf WorldCup final path leads us to Florida. Find the race announcement official press release and detailed information in this article and learn all you need to know about the ultimate event of the Motosurf WorldCup 2017. 

GP Mexico 2017 in Cancun

By Geraldine 17 October 2017

Octobre 21 and 22 —  the GP México Cancun 2017 held under the impulsion of Jetsurf Mexico.  

This race aims to be the official starting point of the local Jetsurf community, dedicated to fomenting the sport as well as human relations between Jetsurf Mexico, its clients and friends

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017 With Radinn in Barcelona!

By Motosurf 13 October 2017


This Sunday Motosurf Nation is taking the Barcelona International Boat Show as a perfect opportunity to team up again with its official business members Jet Board limited and Jetsurfing Nation. The three partners will get together on the beach of the capital of Catalunya and 2nd most populous municipality of Spain, to run an exclusive interview of Alexander Lind — Co-founder of Radinn, followed by a test ride of the Wakejet Cruise.

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Jetsurf & MSWC Interview

By Geraldine 27 September 2017

Massive Migration & Continuous Evolution

Loads of fun and drama, as well as a lot of information released in this interview of the Jetsurf and MSWC team ... Evolution of the Motosurf Worldcup, points of focus for Jetsurf, future plans for the leading brand and more to come in this video.   


By Geraldine 21 September 2017

"It looks like a brand new Lamborghini"...

Today Mike and Wayne were thrilled to visit WATERREBELS' team in Berlin where they couldn't test the product, however they could witness the beautiful jetboard prototypes created by this promising German startup. Follow us to learn more about the Surfrebel by WATERREBELS


By Motosurf 19 September 2017

Our Waterwolf episode is ready with a lot of tests, great results and fun experience. We had a fabulous time with Andreas from e-Surfer and Markus — creator of the Waterwolf jetboard, an electric board boasting a distinctive propeller design. Our drone session was fantastic with a whole crew of drones flying together, and we visited the Eisbach, an astonishing river surf park in the middle of Munich.

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Day 3 Testing Jetson jetboards

By Geraldine 17 September 2017

What a fantastic surprise and a great experience, spending the day with the Jetson® Spain team in Barcelona. We haven't been talking too much about the Jetson® jetboards so far and what a mistake! Follow us and learn more about this company with a very comprehensive range of products available on the market, including assisted surfboards, paddle boards (SUP) and jetboards.  

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Day 2 Testing Lampuga Air and Supjet

By Geraldine 16 September 2017

Have you ever tried to draw a parallel between a F1 and a Beetle?

Both quite fun but not playing in the same league... It's been a bit of a frustrating day as we were extremely limited on one of the most expensive thing on earth: TIME. That being said, we had the lake to ourselves and a great opportunity to test and record both SUPJET and LAMPUGA AIR

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Day 1 Testing Jetsurf

By Geraldine 15 September 2017

One of our main goals in this testing tour — appart from networking and gathering the community — is to help clarify the market situation and understand what boards are or are not available "right away" — meaning, not for preordering. Are they true, fake or promising jetboards at the prototype/project stage?