MSWC 2017 Major Changes: Exclusive In-depth Look Featured

  11 March 2017

The Federation Internationale du Surf Motorisé (FIDSM) has announced several major changes ahead of the 2017 MotoSurf World Cup (MSWC). The schedule has been released for this 4th edition of the international championship that will be held in five countries. On top of these destinations, five extra local events should be offered to motosurf lovers throughout the year. We take an in-depth look at the MSWC new conditions, deadlines, impact of the special events, local races and much more.

Year after year the FIDSM and the "Jetsurf family" — starting point of the MSWC — is gaining ground and experience. With Martin Sula's leading philosophy that could be summarized by "Watch, Learn, Work and Improve continuously" we should enjoy even more destinations, improved event management and technologies, as well as higher performance, bigger challenges and excitement.

This article is based on the official MotoSurf World Cup website as well as conversations between MSN and the MSWC staff; You may notice discrepancies between info provided here and found on the FIDSM website (2014 official competition Rules & Regulations have not been updated with the MSWC new features on the FIDSM site.) 

MSWC official races calendar

Find below the calendar announced. In case changes occur the MSWC staff and Motosurf Nation will keep you posted. Saint-Petersburg as been released lately as the 2nd destination welcoming the MSWC 2017. 

May 12 to 14 

French Flag


June 9 to 10

Russia Federation


July 7 to 9 

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

 Wyboston Lake

September 1 to 3

Czech Republic
Czech Republic


November 3 to 5


Naples / Florida

MSWC highlights 

Main 2017 Requirements: 

•   Every Homologated Motorized Surfboard (MSB) owner has the opportunity to register for a race

   Any racer over 14 can compete in regular races (under 14 racers are eligible to the Junior race in Prague)

   Completion of a timed qualification course is necessary (If a rider does not qualify for the main Motosurf World Cup races, s/he will start in the dedicated training race)

   48 riders allowance for the men’s category and 24 riders for women‘s

   A FIDSM license is necessary to participate in the races (learn more about licenses further in this article)

   It is possible to participate in just one race of the entire championship

   Registrants can sign up as an individual or as part of a team (Further details coming soon)  

   Gear requirements (Basic equipment in the form of an homologated motorized surfboard in good mechanical condition, a vest and helmet.)

•   Technical and administration checks before each race

•   Track direction will change during every event in order to evenly accommodate goofy and regular riders


   31.1.2017 – races registrations by e-mail, starting number announcement, provide application for FIDSM license, provide personal info for website profile.

   Race registration must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the individual event

•   15.2.2017- FIDSM license settlement, provide graphics and sizes for race shirts

Team standing

This is a First in the MSWC history, Men’s category top finisher and Women’s category top finisher collect points for their team to the team standings. Following the example of Formula 1 team standing, points from both riders are added together to give the team championship total. 

Standing, Prize, Rewards & Benefits

   Winner of Motosurf World Cup wins the new Jetsurf Race Titanium

   Travelling and accommodation included for the top 10 fastest riders (men) in Motosurf World Cup

•   Women rewards and benefits are mainly in the form of Equipment, Sponsorship to enter the championship, cheaper license and no starting fee. (A dedicated article about Women in the MSWC is scheduled mid-April on

   Prize money 2017: 3520€ in total from each event (Men category). 4€ per point, possible to score up to 880 points from one event – 3520€ in total from each event

EXCLUSIVE: Team standings, next year, the 5 best standing teams should enjoy free traveling and accommodation (for two riders from each team).

Heads up! 

In 2017 Race and Championship points also from the HEATS. Final points weight 3 times more. NB:So far and according to the Racing Rules and Regulations 2014 of the FIDSM: "Points were awarded for final Moto Surf GP event positions only. No points were awarded in heats, last chance qualifiers (LCQs), semi- finals or exhibition events."

In 2018, only riders with MotoSurf World Cup 2017 appearance will be permitted to compete in series as well as top positions finishers from local rounds.

Licenses, Contribution & Fees

Men: All year license 100€, one-race license 50€

Women: All year license 50€, one-race license 50€

Men starting fee: 100€ per race

Women starting fee: free

Juniors: free  

Special events & Local championships

Other races such as local races are not part of the championship, but are considered as national championships. Because the maximum number of riders in MSWC 2017 is 48 men and 24 ladies, the national championships best riders will be selected to enter the MSWC 2018! 

April 12 to 15

MSWC Official Test 


Mid June

Siloso Beach
June 24 


Not Disclosed

August 19 to 20 

Czech Republic
Czech Republic


 Sept. 17

Czech Republic
Czech Republic


 Not Disclosed


Not Disclosed 
Not Disclosed 


 Not Disclosed


National championships

Will include two official categories for men and women categories:

•   Registered riders with the FIDSM license (Compulsory for MSWC races)

•   Leisure racers (No license required) 

National championships are officially organized by local organizations, not exclusively but mainly registered as Jetsurf dealers. 

Official testing programme in Spain

The MotoSurf World Cup 2017 season will be kicked off by an official four days testing program. Jetsurf Factory in cooperation with Jetsurf – Spain, a brand new Jetsurf’s dealership spot will host the pre-season testing. The world’s fastest motorized surf riders will have a unique opportunity to check their fitness before the season starts. This official test is open for every MSB racers! The whole event will be set to a town of Benidorm – a wonderful place on Spanish coast.

On this special occasion, Motosurf Nation will be teaming up again with Jet Board Limited so sit down and relax if you can't make it to the event because we will be covering everything and carrying out some exciting interviews, photos, videos and news.

Learn more:

Full MSWC rules

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