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Lifeaholic a new way of life

By Geraldine 05 March 2018

Enhance by Lifeaholic is launching a premium watersports membership club based located in New York allowing you to enjoy Jetsurfing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Kitesurfing, Wakesurfing, inflate towables, Surfing and Paddle boarding on your way to work, anytime you want.

Introducing the new ESURF® electric surfboard

By Wayne Brooks 27 February 2018

Say Hi to the new Electric Surfboard made in Sweden — the ESURF®.The world of electric Jetboards just became a much more beautiful place to be as the bar has been raised. Who wants to try tame the beast?!

Electric Jetsurf prototype introduction

By Geraldine 14 February 2018

Jetsurf Factory comes up with a brand new Jetsurf Electric board Concept. It's the very first fully electric board from Jetsurf born after intensive research and development first lead to create the Hybrid concept and finally generated the "Jetsurf Electric exclusive". 

Introducing the new Curf Technologie by efun Europe S.L

By Wayne Brooks 07 February 2018

The All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Crew compound of Jet Board Limited, Jet Surfing Nation and Motosurf Nation, strikes again and take the opportunity of the Boot Dusseldorf to meet with Benjamin Köhnsen — initial CEO and founder of the original Lampuga company — who decided to use his past experiences and bounce to take a new challenge called .... CURF. In this article find how his latest e-surfboard made in Germany, is stronger and more powerful than ever. Demo Video

Waterwolf Gold Winner at the ISPO Awards

By Motosurf 05 February 2018

 With the market highlights for the coming season, the emphasis is on sustainability and individualization.

Waterwolf MPX-3 Product of the year 2018 in the Outdoor Category. 

It is a great honor to get the ISPO Award...

Motorized surf boards and Hollywood

By Geraldine 31 January 2018

For Glide and Legend lovers only! Take a quick look to this awesome "collector video" shot for a British American Tobacco advertising campaign realized in the 1970/1980s. It was shot in Hawaii for Hollywood cigarettes and features the legendary PowerSki SurfJet board in action!

Radinn Introducing the new Radinn G2X electric surfboard

By Wayne Brooks 26 January 2018

Proud to announce the G2X - a generation ahead. The G2X is short for Generation 2 - Xtreme.

Thank you, everyone, for your extreme passion for our shared vision and the sacrifices made to realizing them. 

Alexander Lind - CEO of Radinn  

Preview Launching Trailer here

Jetboards for kids

By Motosurf 11 October 2017

You're four? It's about the right time to start riding a jetboard! ...

Since a few years we can see here and there Stand Up Paddle Surfing Tandems of mom or dad teaming up with their little one to enjoy the ride. When it comes to jetboards, it is a little bit more confidential however in August 2016 in Prague was organized the first demo race for kids during the MotoSurf WorldCup, and just like the grown-up riders, juniors combined fun and performance.

The Amazing History Of Motorized Surfboard in 5 minutes

By Motosurf 02 September 2017

Long before advanced jetboards entered the market, riders have been trying to solve the "lack of waves issue" that comes with conventional surfboarding.

The stress of long distance paddling, coupled with the disappointment of finding no waves to surf led inventors to crack their heads and design new models and technologies. There had to be a different way to surf regardless of the natural and weather conditions.

A surfboard that could propels itself and surf flat waters was the answer. Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about the birth and evolution of the “motorized surfboard.”

Lampuga: This is not over yet

By Geraldine 10 April 2017

This is no longer a rumour going around ... Hamburg-based manufacturer of electric jetboards has filed for insolvency but all may not be over yet. It is now confirmed that despite raising over 800,000 euros in 2015 and 3,500,000 euros a few months ago, the company wasn't able to create a viable model and just filed for bankruptcy. However many questions remain unanswered and Motosurf Nation is keeping you posted with fresh news coming straight from Lampuga's headquarters in Hamburg.

“The preliminary insolvency proceedings could offer the possibility for fresh money and thus give the opportunity for an economic recovery” Tjark Thies. 

Lampuga Series 2017: Innovations, Rewards and Jetboards Launch

By Geraldine 23 March 2017

 Within a few months the German company relaunched its product portfolio, was named runner up at the Deloitte’s Rising Star award 2016, and attended the international boat shows of Dusseldorf, Miami, and Dubai.

 “It is great to see how the e-mobility industry is constantly evolving. We are proud of our leading role and we always strive to meet our highest expectations of pushing the boundaries of feasibility.”

Benjamin Köhnsen, founder & CEO of Lampuga