Jetsurf Electric Prototype - Jetsurf Electric Prototype - Featured by Motosurf Nation

Electric Jetsurf prototype introduction Featured

Jetsurf Electric board Concept - Featured by Motosurf Nation

Jetsurf Factory comes up with a brand new Jetsurf Electric board Concept. It's the very first fully electric board from Jetsurf born after intensive research and development first lead to create the Hybrid concept and finally generated the "Jetsurf Electric exclusive". 

 When I met Martin (Sula) in August 2016 during the Motosurf WorldCup in Prague, he offered a tour of the factory and headquarters in Brno which was an amazing experience. The whole manufacture was so advanced and the team so minutious. Obviously petrol powered jetboards were the main focus but the Jetsurf Team had already run lots of researches and tests about an electric jetboard. They first mentioned an Hybrid concept and then decided to give the priority to the "Electric only". 


The Electric Jetsurf is not only a concept

... it's already a reality thanks to its existing prototype featured in this video.

Electric Jetsurf technical Specs:

Battery: 37 Ah (changeable battery)

Charging time 2.5 hours

Horsepower: 8

Weight: 28kg

Riding Time: 20-25 min

Top Speed: 50km/h (same as Factory GP)


Jetsurf Electric Availability: 

Scheduled to be available to public before Xmas 2018 or beginning of 2019.


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