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Introducing the new Curf Technologie by efun Europe S.L Featured

Curf e-surfboard Demo - By efun Europe S.L featured by Motosurf Nation

The All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Crew compound of Jet Board Limited, Jet Surfing Nation and Motosurf Nation, strikes again and take the opportunity of the Boot Dusseldorf to meet with Benjamin Köhnsen — initial CEO and founder of the original Lampuga company — who decided to use his past experiences and bounce to take a new challenge called .... CURF. In this article find how his latest e-surfboard made in Germany, is stronger and more powerful than ever. Demo Video

CURF Electric Jetboard Technical Specs

Dimensions: 192/ 73/ 26 cm 

Max speed: 38 mph or 61 km/h

Weight: 60 lbs/ 30 kg (excluding the battery)

Smaller battery pack: 800 Wh, 580 mm, 13 kg

Charging time: fast charger: 1 h.2/ regular charger: 4 h.

Operating time: 20 min regular ride

Larger battery pack: 1600 Wh, l 830 mm, 18 kg

Charging time: fast charger: 2h. Regular charger : 8h.

Operating time: Up to 40 minutes regular ride

Charging time: 120 min.

Power: 16 kW (from 0 to 31 mp/h (50 km/h) in 4,2 seconds)

MSRP: from 12.500 Euro plus VAT

CURF Electric Jetboard Main features

Two lithium-ion batteries to boost you 

Plug & play interchangeable battery system allow to swap batteries even in the water and continue immediately.

140 kg loading capacity

Highly stable and resistant to impacts and torsion

No remote controller, controlled with the handlebar grip connected to the nose of the esurf

Fun for 2: powerful enough to pull a wakeboard or water ring

NB: 1. The data mentioned are provided by the manufacturer

        2. Operating time and max speed are influenced by the weight of the operator, driving style and ocean swell.

The eye of the rider

The Curf team really pulled out all the tricks

The All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Crew met with Curf Surf in Dusseldorf and got to see a new e-board that not many people knew about. The Curf team really pulled out all the tricks and produced a beautiful and powerful piece of jet board technology. Although it is a new electric board its not a new team but possibly one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

"Empty buckets make the most noise and so do empty jet boards"

That's what they say but this board is not just a shell or dummy board, it's a proper working, tried and tested jet board. The board is super fast reaching speeds over 60km per hour. It is also a very powerful electric surf board that is capable of taking two riders at a time and still maintaining high speeds. This jetboard takes power to a new level and up until now, its possibly the fastest and most powerful board that we have seen. It can tow a wakeboard and all sorts of toys. The board is a beast of a board. It's obviously a big board like most of the rest and it apparently weighs around 55kg. The Curf Surf appears to be built really well and the finish and design looks like it's done to a very high standard. The board has some great lines and really well thought out design features.

100% satisfied with performance and testing 

We like the fact that the Curf Surf team never spent all their time and energy on hyping people up and making a big fuss and noise about the board prematurely, but instead they did what counts and quietly just got on with building and testing the boards. Only when the Curf team were 100% satisfied with performance and testing and were ready for production did they start to show the board. Hence why so few of us knew about it until now.

The Curf team are extremely confident in their board and are happy to let the board do the talking. It really is exciting to see new boards coming onto the market and the Curf board is one very pleasant surprise and another board and brand to help grow the market. Big well done to the Curf Surf team for producing what appears to be a serious player and contender in the jet board industry. We are counting down the days until we get to ride, test and review this beautiful beast of a board.

Where to find the Curf electric Jetboard?

Showroom: The Königsallee in Düsseldorf.

Distribution: Globetrotter Equipment GmbH Düsseldorf

Königsallee 88. INSTALLATION 20.-28.

CURF distributors in our free online directory. General Distribution located in Balearic Islands, Benelux & Germany


NB: This electric jetboard hasn't been tested by the All Star Jetboard Testing Crew yet, we will keep you posted as soon as the test is live!

The Curf Test center in Toronto near Krefeld will be opened in Spring 2018

Here you can book a test drive slot for the Curf E-Jetboard.

Blaue Lagune
Freizeitanlage Wankumer Heidesee GmbH
Am Heidesee 5 . 47669 Wachtendonk


Available for order now and shipped from April 2018.

Carbon Board: March/April 2018

PE Board: May/June 2018

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