ESURF® electric surfboard launch - ESURF® electric surfboard launch - Featured by Motosurf Nation

Introducing the new ESURF® electric surfboard Featured

  27 February 2018
The new ESURF® electric surfboard Reaches 60km/h instantly - featured by Motosurf Nation

Say Hi to the new Electric Surfboard made in Sweden — the ESURF®.The world of electric Jetboards just became a much more beautiful place to be as the bar has been raised. Who wants to try tame the beast?!

  A lot of time and effort went into achieving a very sleek, stylish and high performance design.



ESURF® Electric Surfboard specifications

Dimentions : 172 x 58 x 12cm

Weigh : 9.8 kg

Battery weigh : 14kg

Max speed : 60km/h instantly

Battery life per charge : 30+ minutes in race mode with a heavy rider

Charging time : Standard charger 180min and speed charger 80min.

Quick and easy interchangeable batteries


Some of ESURF® Electric Surfboard Main Features

Watch Netflix on the throttle display, caution: never watch and ride at the same time! Or just use the display to see: speed, rpm, max lateral g-force achieved, gps-location, battery-level, individual cells-health, range, system-temperatures, humidity-sensors, health-check, battery-cycles, adjustable ride-modes and more ...

The eye of the rider

it's unbreakable, you should never need to do a thing to this board. It's like the Bugatti of boards. The features are endless. The power on this board is scary. The build is impeccable. Nothing is bought off the shelf and everything has been manufactured to the highest quality and standard specifically for this board.

Availability of the ESURF electric surfboard

Available from April 2018

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Call: +34 650 52 08 40 for further details.

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