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Lifeaholic a new way of life

Become a Lifeaholic today ! - Featured by Motosurf Nation

Enhance by Lifeaholic is launching a premium watersports membership club based located in New York allowing you to enjoy Jetsurfing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Kitesurfing, Wakesurfing, inflate towables, Surfing and Paddle boarding on your way to work, anytime you want.

Ride a motorized surfboard on your way to work

You love walking down the Hudson River greenway on your way to work. You love the views, the smell of the water, the sound of the wakes lapping up against the walkway. You’re literally day-dreaming about being out on the water every morning. And today, it’s really calling you. But on your walk this morning, you spot a sign that says, “Enhance by Lifeaholic” inviting you to go jetboard anytime you want.

It’s like the universe is speaking to you right now. Enhance by Lifeaholic is a premium watersports membership club based right here on your way to work! They get you out on their powerboat anywhere in the surrounding area you can imagine so you can wakeboard, wakesurf or ride a jetboard anytime you want any day you want. You sign up and now that you're a Lifeaholic, you don’t have to daydream about jetboarding on your way to work. You can actually go do it any day and any time.

How to become a Lifeaholic?

Lifeaholic offers 3 seasonal membership levels in addition to a monthly pass and a daily pass, so you can choose what best fits your schedule and your wallet.

Membership Applications now open

Lifeaholic is now accepting membership applications for the 2018 Summer Season. Apply today to become a member and enjoy unlimited access to boat and toys.



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