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Felix Baumgartner rides Waterwolf

By Motosurf 20 November 2015

Felix Baumgartner loves to fly and his new toy is a motosurf! He recently started riding Waterwolf and loves it as you can see on his facebook page.

High Speed Chase Down The Colorado River

By Motosurf 24 September 2015

We don't talk much about the Jetboard but it was the first modern motosurf created back in the 80s. 

The jetboard was featured in many shows and movies. The most famous one was definetely "Waterworld" with Kevin Costner. The Jetboard is much heavier than the other motosurfs on the market and we can't wait to see what they'll come up with next. 

You shouldn't buy a motosurf for $2000 on alibaba!

By Motosurf 16 September 2015

Like many people, everyone here at Motosurfnation wants to buy a motosurf. It doesn't matter which brand we look at, boards are very hard to get and often expensive because of the high demand. But if you check on (the world's biggest online commerce company) you can find them for very very cheap! Too good to be true?

We did a little survey and found dozens of retailers ready to sell us packs of ten boards as low as $2,000 each. The boards are available today and you can even receive them by Fedex in a week. For example, a Jetsurf costs between $12k to $15k but thanks to sites like alibaba, you can order one online for as low as $2,000.

WaveJet is coming back in 2016 with some new products

By Motosurf 31 August 2015

Do you remember WaveJet? They invested a lot in marketing a couple of years ago and suddenly disappeared. WaveJet Propulsion was recently acquired by an international group and is set to relaunch early 2016.

Radinn unveils new colors for the wakejet cruise

By Motosurf 12 August 2015

Radinn unveils three colors: Amazon Green, Glacier White and Pacific Blue. Which is your color of choice?

Lampuga board claimed to be "world's fastest electric surfboard"

By Motosurf 06 April 2015

The Lampuga is claiming to be the "world's fastest electric surfboard." With a announced top speed of 34 mph, we didn't see any official record yet and with Aquila coming with the Carver (they announce 44-mph), this record may not last! Congratulations on Lampuga for their technical achievements, we can't wait to try the board and experience it for ourselves.