Radinn Introducing the new Radinn G2X electric surfboard Featured

Introduction of the new G2X - Radinn and Motosurfnation

Proud to announce the G2X - a generation ahead. The G2X is short for Generation 2 - Xtreme.

Thank you, everyone, for your extreme passion for our shared vision and the sacrifices made to realizing them. 

Alexander Lind - CEO of Radinn  

Preview Launching Trailer here

Meet Radinn electric surfboard manufacturer at the BOOT Dusseldorf 2018- in hall 8a booth E84. 

Five years after launching its first prototype Radinn is introducing its new electric jetboard made in Sweden boasting quantity electronics and innovations. 

Radinn the Stand of all stands

Jet Board Limited and the All Star Jet Board Testing Tour crew met the Radinn team at the Dusseldorf Boot show and we have to say that Radinn had the stand of all stands. The stand had everything from the 3D board simulator which was so much fun, chill out lounge, DJ booth, technical office with access to all technical specs details and diagrams, boards on display from all angles, bar and champagne and just so much more. The attention to detail on the stand was impeccable and everywhere you looked you found something interesting, branded, well thought out and just plain cool. They were lucky enough to have a great, top designer from "Mandoki Made" put it all together for them.

The Radinn G2X electric surfboard

We have heard a lot and been involved in the build up to the Radinn G2X so our anticipation and expectations were extremely high and I have to say we were not disappointed. The G2X is everything we hoped and more. Every mechanical part has been specifically made for this board and nothing is off the shelf. The board really looks sleek and stylish but has a good strong, solid build quality look and feel to it. We hope to have our first batch of boards for sale in May.

The G2X has so many exciting new features, but the best will have to be the foil that will be an add on for your board. This foil will not work like others with an electric motor but it will actually suck water up with the main pump and turbine through the actual foil and shaft. Its super high tech and we think it will be challenging to achieve, but an amazing product when it's ready.

Radinn G2X electric surfboard Technical Specs

Max speed: 58 km/h

Weight: 40kg (Battery Included) 

Battery Life: Up to 45min with power pack XL (35 min at Full speed)

Charging Time: 2 hours with Ultra fast charger 

Noise in dB: Near silence

Maintenance free (according to the manufacturer) 

Color choice: Black or White 

MSRP: €9,900.00 (Excl. VAT)

What's in the box? 

Radinn G2X

Powerpack L 

Remote controller 

Standard charger

Board bag

Extra (not included)

Ultra Fast Charger

Power Pack

Power Pack XL

Radical upgrade (Maxout your board from 50 to 58km/h)

Power Pack upgrade (Upgrade your power pack to the XL power pack)

Growing up and taking the price down 

It is great to see manufacturers and developers like Radinn moving on from the first boards and investing time and money in bringing out something better and still managing to bring the price down. The Radinn Wakejet was 15,000 and the new Radinn G2X is so much better but only 9,900. This is a great sign for jetboaders and buyers as the prices are starting to become more reasonable and more affordable.

Coming soon with the All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Crew

The All Star Testing Tour Crew is very much looking forward to trying this promising board and release a comprehensive video and review  for you. Stay Tuned! 

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