Markus Schilcher CEO of Waterwolf GmbH ay the ISPO 2018 award ceremony - Markus Schilcher CEO of Waterwolf GmbH ay the ISPO 2018 award ceremony - featured by Motosurf Nation

Waterwolf Gold Winner at the ISPO Awards Featured

 With the market highlights for the coming season, the emphasis is on sustainability and individualization.

Waterwolf MPX-3 Product of the year 2018 in the Outdoor Category. 

It is a great honor to get the ISPO Award...
... This award is the acknowledgement of all the work done in the last years but it is also a sign that there is a big interest/market for motorized — specifically — electric surfing.
Markus Schilcher CEO of Waterwolf GmbH

ISPO Awards 

Every year, the ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO Award. The ISPO Award has established itself as seal of quality for the sporting goods industry. Retailers value it as an orientation tool for future product selections; journalists appreciate it as an overview of outstanding product innovations; and consumers appreciate receiving a neutral recommendation by independent experts.
The high-profile Eco jury with members including Matthias Kimmerle, Professor for Textile Product Technology at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University looked at all entries from this point of view and awarded bonus points which had a major influence on the final result. The best innovations in each segment were named “Product of the Year” by the specialist jury. 


Waterwolf MPX-3 Gold Winner of ISPO Award 2018 in the Outdoor segment, category Water Sports

Product description:

The E-Surfer Waterwolf MPX-3 is an electric motorized surfboard that allows you to surf on any body of water - without wind or waves. Thanks to its very powerful propeller drive powered by an eco-friendly and replaceable li-ion battery, it is built to provide the ‘take off’ and perfect surf on all flowing and dormant waters, lakes and rivers. It will bring you as close as possible to the real surfing feeling even without waves.

Jury statement:

“The idea of a motorized surfboard isn’t new, but an e-version with reasonable range is. It’s great that it makes surfing accessible to lakes and other waveless waterbodies.“
(Marianne van der Steen | Professional Ice Climber)