Motosurf Worldcup Fréjus France - Official Recap

By Motosurf 18 May 2017


MotoSurf WorldCup Fréjus in France started the 2017 season of jetsurf racing. South Wake Lake welcomed the world’s fastest motorized surfers for the first time and we could see amazing racing weekend.

Island Inflatable introducing the ePropulsion Lagoon

By Motosurf 19 April 2017

Learn more about the ePropulsion Lagoon, an Electric Propulsion System for SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks & Canoes (Short). This compact Electric drive / propulsion system suit fit any Stand Up Paddle board SUP. Light weight coming in at 4kg total.

Radinn Icebreaking in Norway

By Geraldine 18 April 2017

"Standing on a board is self-medicating, It's like bringing your doctor on a holiday"

A few weeks ago Alexander Lind — Co-founder and CEO of Radinn — and his team grabbed a few boards and drove to Norway to shoot this beautiful video among a breathtaking scenery and -9°C 

MSWC official test in Altea and La Vila — Spain

By Geraldine 14 April 2017

The MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 was kicked off on Wednesday in Altea —Spain— at Puerto Deportivo Marina Greenwich, with an official test programme and here is a selection of the best pics found on the web. Day 1 was set for arrivals and briefings, Day 2 partially took place in Altea, Day 3 in beautiful Vila Joiosa known to the locals simply as La Vila, and day 4 was an open day for the racers. The whole event gives a good taste of the thrilling international competition to come; Audience, staff and riders have been enjoying a beautiful weather and taking part to the characteristic excellent atmosphere of the MSWC

Official MotoSurf WorldCup Testing Still On The Agenda!

By Geraldine 12 April 2017

Fortunately, and despite rumours of cancellation, the official MotoSurf WorldCup testing initially scheduled from today Wednesday 12 April in Benidorm is still on schedule! However due to declined authorisations until the very last minute, organisers had to be amazingly efficient and responsive to move the event location from Benidorm to Altea. Further Detail.

MSWC Official Test in Benidorm Close to cancellation?

By Geraldine 11 April 2017

Jetsurf Factory in cooperation with Jetsurf Spain have been working together so the MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 season is supposed to be kicked off tomorrow — Wednesday April 12— by an official four days testing programme in the beautiful area of Benidorm on the Spanish coast. The pre-season testing is meant as a unique opportunity for the world's fastest jetsurf riders to check their fitness before the season starts. 

Unfortunately, it has been quite difficult to provide further details about the event over the past weeks as organisers have been shy on keeping the community posted. We're hoping this lack of communication is not announcing some bad news or imminent event cancellation. 

Lampuga: This is not over yet

By Geraldine 10 April 2017

This is no longer a rumour going around ... Hamburg-based manufacturer of electric jetboards has filed for insolvency but all may not be over yet. It is now confirmed that despite raising over 800,000 euros in 2015 and 3,500,000 euros a few months ago, the company wasn't able to create a viable model and just filed for bankruptcy. However many questions remain unanswered and Motosurf Nation is keeping you posted with fresh news coming straight from Lampuga's headquarters in Hamburg.

“The preliminary insolvency proceedings could offer the possibility for fresh money and thus give the opportunity for an economic recovery” Tjark Thies. 

Lampuga Series 2017: Innovations, Rewards and Jetboards Launch

By Geraldine 23 March 2017

 Within a few months the German company relaunched its product portfolio, was named runner up at the Deloitte’s Rising Star award 2016, and attended the international boat shows of Dusseldorf, Miami, and Dubai.

 “It is great to see how the e-mobility industry is constantly evolving. We are proud of our leading role and we always strive to meet our highest expectations of pushing the boundaries of feasibility.”

Benjamin Köhnsen, founder & CEO of Lampuga

MSWC 2017 Major Changes: Exclusive In-depth Look

By Geraldine 11 March 2017

The Federation Internationale du Surf Motorisé (FIDSM) has announced several major changes ahead of the 2017 MotoSurf World Cup (MSWC). The schedule has been released for this 4th edition of the international championship that will be held in five countries. On top of these destinations, five extra local events should be offered to motosurf lovers throughout the year. We take an in-depth look at the MSWC new conditions, deadlines, impact of the special events, local races and much more.

Exclusive Focus on the Onean Carver Tests

By Wayne Brooks 11 February 2017

"I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to do your homework properly when buying a new board. I am a huge believer in try before you buy." Hot board testing in the chilly water of the Mediterranean Sea. Full Review.

Make Your Own Electric Surfboard

By Geraldine 05 February 2017

Why would you spend years on R&D while Youtuber Roman UrsuHack shows us how to make our own (beautiful) board with our own (beautiful) hands!?