Best trick of the year at the Daytona Freeride!

By Geraldine 22 January 2017

"Such an awesome challenge to have been the first in the world to backflip and ride out of it on a jetsurf ... " Full video! 

Lampuga to launch the Boost GTR at the Boot Düsseldorf

By Geraldine 16 January 2017

Meet Lampuga at the Boot Düsseldorf From January 21 to 29. 

Think, work & love what you do with Radinn

By Geraldine 12 January 2017

Heads up! Radinn is hiring "You know, I wanna buid something I actually care about ..." 

Onean Carver board test rides in Montpellier -France

By Geraldine 11 January 2017

You've heard of Onean boards but never had a chance to juge the products by yourself? If you happen to be in South of France end of January, Styx gives you this opportunity.

Motosurf Nation and the challenges of neutrality

By Geraldine 21 December 2016

Hardly a week goes by without someone asking us about our relationship with Jetsurf, so we wanted to clear the air and give you some clarification. 

Motosurfnation To Launch Shop Online on December 12th

By Geraldine 14 December 2016

Motosurfnation, the first online magazine exclusively focused on Motosurf, known for its global approach of this exciting discipline and its quest to bring together all members of the motosurf community, is proud to announce the launch of its Shop Online store. Launched on December 12th 2016, Motosurfnation Shop Online has something for everyone and marks a significant milestone in the history of our organisation. 

State of the Industry 2016

By Motosurf 08 December 2016

Many of you are still waiting for your board(s) to arrive and December is yet another reminder of the fun you could be having riding... With 2016 almost over, we wanted to bring you some clarification on the current status of the motosurf industry and our predictions for upcoming year whether you pre-ordered, ordered or are thinking about ordering a board in the near future.

SURFREBEL - Jet Powered Electric Surfboard made in Berlin

By Motosurf 25 November 2016

The team at has announced its newly designed electric-powered board made in Berlin, Germany.

Don’t try to be the first, try to create the best product for your customer!

Stefan Klug, Founder and CEO of WATERREBELS

Lampuga: Crowdfunding & New Investor arrival

By Geraldine 04 November 2016

Tuesday November 1st, the German Jetboard Start-up announced a capital increase of 3.5 million with the arrival of a new investor. 

3D printing: a major breakthrough

By Motosurf 20 October 2016

Our team is pleased to introduce this new section of the Website, focused on Technologies & Engineering and dedicated to the members of our community who are always excited to learn more about the technical side of the boards. Technical Innovations, Research & Development, Innovative companies or designers, Prototypes, Failures, Attempts to launch new products, ... all these topics will be investigated and explained.

Radinn Wakejet Cruise Quickstart

By Motosurf 09 September 2016

This is a quickstart video/visual guide on how to prepare, operate and maintain your Wakejet Cruise.