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hydroJET design

By Geraldine 19 February 2018

Timelaps assembling and refining previously created parts of electric surfboard

By Motosurf 19 February 2018

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The new generation of Jetsurf is born

By Motosurf 14 February 2018

 2018 Jetsurf Series now out! Learn a bit more about this new generation of diamonds. Boards comparison chart, board configurator to customize your favorite water toy and many more updates in this article.  

Jetsurf User Manual

By Motosurf 28 January 2018


Electric vs Gas Jetboards

By Motosurf 06 November 2017

You've been following the new products and technical evolutions, you are craving for a jetboard and about to take the plunge to get your own? This listing gathers benefits and drawbacks for both systems and is meant to help you make your choice depending on your needs, use, expectations, habits and values.


By Motosurf 03 August 2017

"The world's first powered foam core stand up paddleboard with a built in electric jet drive". The SUPjet is an electrically powered watercraft. When you want an extra boost or just want to sit back and relax, you push a button and the built in drive will move you along at 5 mph (8 km/h) for 1.5 hours.

Torque Jet Track GPS

By Motosurf 02 August 2017

"Each trip I had to be near the beach, I need the clean ocean water to refresh the mind and relax the body, but I knew deep inside my soul the beauty in Asian beaches was missing those pounding waves ...

Onean Carver — Notice technique

By Geraldine 20 July 2017

Afin d'aider ses clients, Onean a récemment eu l'excellente idée de publier leur manuel technique en Anglais et en Français pour le Carver. Vous vous posez des questions sur la meilleure façon d'utiliser votre planche? Vous vous demandez si la Carver est faite pour vous? Vous vous voulez en savoir plus cette technologie? Consultez et téléchargez ici le Manuel d'utilisation de la Carver par Onean en Français. 

Onean Full Electric JetPack From Aquila Boards

By Motosurf 19 July 2017

Aquila has developed en electric propulsion system for Onean Boards. Through the ad-hoc design of every component they have achieved a module which perfectly integrates into the boards. Read more and find out about the main features in this article.  

Onean Carver Unboxing by Jetsurfing Nation

By Motosurf 11 July 2017

First we have to admit that Mike, founder of Jetsurfing Nation, found a great name for his website ;) and second that he gives some good tips and overviews of various boards available on the market. What a great feeling to finally get some help giving a wider, better and more practical view of the industry.

Onean Manta Jetboard User Guide

By Motosurf 25 June 2017

To help and make it convenient for customers, Onean recently had the excellent idea of publishing their user manual in English for the Manta Jetboards.