Gas Powered Jetboards Vs Electric Gas Powered Jetboards Vs Electric

Electric vs Gas Jetboards Featured

You've been following the new products and technical evolutions, you are craving for a jetboard and about to take the plunge to get your own? This listing gathers benefits and drawbacks for both systems and is meant to help you make your choice depending on your needs, use, expectations, habits and values.






- Silent

- Smell free 

- No gas tank fill up

- More riding opportunities 

usually allowed on lakes & reservoirs

- Lower impact on the environment*  

       - Maintenance free or low




- Weight : usually heavier 

- Size : usually larger

- Battery charging time required

- Shorter cruising range 

- Power source required  

- Limited air transport flexibility

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- Power : usually more powerful

- Weight : usually lighter 

- Size : usually smaller

- Flexibility : reduced charging time**

- Greater Autonomy

- Can be flown over 

perfectly cleaned up and gas free

- Noisy 

- Gas smell 

- Not environment friendly 

- Usually more expensive

- Requires more maintenance 


*Lower impact on the environment

This question opens a necessary debate about our future in general and the future of e-surfing specifically: Indeed an electric jetboard is silent and doesn't release oil or gas in our natural environment however rechargeable Li-ion batteries are known to be difficult to recycle. Find a deeper reflexion in the following articles. 

More resources about sustainable materials applicable to jetboards technologies

Sustainable Materials and Technologies : The future of automotive lithium-ion battery recycling

Recovery of metals from spent lithium-ion batteries with organic acids as leaching reagents and environmental assessment 

**Flexibility : reduced charging time

This point needs to be moderated as you still need to charge your Ignition via a normal power outlet or via your car charge outlet. Find a detailed tutorial here.  

"for instance The JetSurf has no Alternator therefore you need to charge your JetSurf Ignition with the delivered charger. You can charge it via a normal power outlet or via your car charge outlet. If you are charging through a standard home power outlet you need to put the Amps in your charger to 4.0A"