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Island Inflatable introducing the ePropulsion Lagoon Featured

ePropulsion LAGOON Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Electric motor propulsion systems. Island Inflatable

Learn more about the ePropulsion Lagoon, an Electric Propulsion System for SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks & Canoes (Short). This compact Electric drive / propulsion system suit fit any Stand Up Paddle board SUP. Light weight coming in at 4kg total.


Garry Baikovas

Garry is in the marine industry in Australia and likes to be on the cutting edge of new marine products. He is a qualified outboard and so has a good feel on mechanics in a saltwater environment. Powered surfboards are a passion, he owns and have ridden jetboards of various brands and models for 4 years now and (like many of us) really been looking at finding a product that would be user friendly, commercially viable, AND reliable with low maintenance. 

He found this electric powered motor for SUP’s, Kayak’s and canoes and decided to knock at our door to introduce the ePropulsion Lagoon that maxes out at about 6 knots ... "not fast, but you don’t need to go fast on a SUP or kayak. It’s purely a recreational fun product, user friendly, ready to go and anyone can use it"

ePropulsion : A Start-up Company Focused on Quality & Back up

The founders are 4 young Chinese in their 20s who attended the best university in Hong Kong and study electrical engineering. This team is being pushed and helped by a mentor, their talented university teacher, also founder of DJI Drone’s. These 4 young designers are the next generation of Chinese manufactures. They think completely different and are focused on building a brand, with excellent marketing assistance, Back-up and support. "It’s all about giving the customer a quality product and backing it up. Which to me is the key."

Products Features :

Currently 3 of their major products are available on the market: The lagoon, Spirit 1 and Navy 6 motors. No need to go into a manufacturing run, to preorder and wait, products are ready to go.  


Universal Adaptability

The motor module of this electric propulsion system can be adapted to any existing small-sized watercraft such as standup paddle boards (SUPs), canoes, kayaks, dinghies, etc.. Lagoon motor module fits into two major standard fin boxes - US fin box and inflatable SUP fin box. If there isn’t a suitable fin-mounting system or if users want to keep the fin attached to the fin box while travelling, ePropulsion universal adapter helps mount the Lagoon.

Battery Pack : “small but mighty”

This 300wh lithium-ion battery weighs 2.5kg, having an energy density of 120wh/kg. The battery can even be placed on your palm without much effort. Small and light, it supports 1.1-hour operation at full-speed of around 8km/h.


Wearable Remote Controller

The remote controller enables both stepless forward speed control and emergency stop via wireless signal. Slide the bar slowly forward to achieve stepless speedup. In case of emergency, press the stop button and the motor will stop at once. The watch-like controller can be either worn on wrist or attached to paddle for easy access.


Extended Travel Range

Lagoon motorizes your boat at a top speed of 8.5km/h, Lagoon travels 9km for 1.1 hour. At low speed of 5km/h, it lasts 9 hours, extending the travel range to 45km.

Contact : 

Island Marine Enterprises

5 / 800 Old Illawarra rd

Menai NSW 2234 Australia

PH 02 9532-0002