ONEAN CARVER Unboxing— Electric Jet board unbiased review ONEAN CARVER Unboxing— Electric Jet board unbiased review Jetsurfingnation

Onean Carver Unboxing by Jetsurfing Nation Featured

ONEAN CARVER Unboxing— Electric Jet board unbiased review Jetsurfingnation

First we have to admit that Mike, founder of Jetsurfing Nation, found a great name for his website ;) and second that he gives some good tips and overviews of various boards available on the market. What a great feeling to finally get some help giving a wider, better and more practical view of the industry.

Here is his video about the Onean Carver, perfect to complement our dedicated review with Styx Boards ran a few months ago.   

Onean Carver : What do you get in the box? 

Included in the Onean Carver Box
Included Onean Carver Kit

A- 1 Carver Board with Jet Unit

B- 1 Lithium Ion Battery

C- 1 Battery Charger 

D- 1 Wireless Controller 

E- 1 Qi Charger (Charger for the Wireless Controller)

F- 2 Wide Footstraps 

G- 1 Leash + 1 Security Key

H- 2 US Box Fins

Extra useful gear — not included in the box


Footstraps are not comfortable for heavier riders as they need to stand closer to the nose of the board to keep their balance and move faster. 

However they are recommended for lighter riders as they stand more at the back of the board. In this case they are useful and help the rider to carve nicely. 

If you do not use straps, adding two to three extra handles will be helpful to carry the jetboard around. 

Marine grease

To use on the metal parts of the board to make them last longer and to lubricate the battery compartment plugs to minimize friction and allow smooth removal of the battery. 

MSN tip : What is the difference between marine grease and regular grease? 

A marine grease will have an aluminum or calcium based thickener and be much more water resistant than a lithium complex grease. 

Jetboard Trolley



Helps you carry the board around ... unless you are very strong and do not need it ;)

Jetboard Paddle Gloves: 

To paddle back in case of emergency, technical breakdown, dead battery, strong current...

Waterproof Belt 

To carry your gloves, and small things

Waterproof Helmet


Rinse Kit

What You Must Know To Get Started 

Synchronize your battery and your remote controller  

(min 6:40 of the video) This is very useful as it is tricky for most first users. 

1- Magnet plugged in the battery compartment 

2- Electric plugs screwed underneath the battery pack

 Pro & Cons according to Mike

Cons :

- Weight

- Lack of power (not the best for heavy riders)


- The battery lasts about 20 min

- Easy to charge 

- Easy to ride even for staters

- The size (It is not huge)

- The price : An "affordable" jetboard, cheaper than competitors 


Full Official User Guide Here