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Onean Carver Jetboard User Guide

By Motosurf 25 June 2017

To help and make it convenient for customers, Onean recently had the excellent idea of publishing their user manual in English for the Carver Jetboards. Still having questions about how to use your board? Not sure if the Carver is a board for you? Curious about the technology? Find and download your Quick Start Guide for the Onean Carver Jetboard here. 

Li-ion Power Battery : Important Safety Notice

By Motosurf 24 June 2017

Onean recently published an important safety notice about the Lithium-ion power batteries and highly recommends to any Onean board's owner to read this official document. You will learn all you need to know about how to use and maintain the lithium-ion batteries. 

Island Inflatable introducing the ePropulsion Lagoon

By Motosurf 19 April 2017

Learn more about the ePropulsion Lagoon, an Electric Propulsion System for SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks & Canoes (Short). This compact Electric drive / propulsion system suit fit any Stand Up Paddle board SUP. Light weight coming in at 4kg total.

Make Your Own Electric Surfboard

By Geraldine 05 February 2017

Why would you spend years on R&D while Youtuber Roman UrsuHack shows us how to make our own (beautiful) board with our own (beautiful) hands!?

3D printing: a major breakthrough

By Motosurf 20 October 2016

Our team is pleased to introduce this new section of the Website, focused on Technologies & Engineering and dedicated to the members of our community who are always excited to learn more about the technical side of the boards. Technical Innovations, Research & Development, Innovative companies or designers, Prototypes, Failures, Attempts to launch new products, ... all these topics will be investigated and explained.