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The new generation of Jetsurf is born

 2018 Jetsurf Series now out! Learn a bit more about this new generation of diamonds. Boards comparison chart, board configurator to customize your favorite water toy and many more updates in this article.  

Jetsurf company is to improve the product day by day. With 2018 model line-up, we have done the whole season racing MotoSurf WorldCup without any machanical issue on the tested boards. This is the greatest news we could have received. We realized, the main thing, to think about, is a starter - especially for Race and Race Titanium (rider falls down more often). That's why we developed the new brushless starter and it delivers the result. Another point for testing is implementing the robotic procedures. We managed to increase the testing results for 90 % compared to older Jetsurf generation.

New Jetsurf Models Comparison Chart


New Jetsurf factory GP 2018


Jetsurf Board configurator

Customize your Jetsurf thanks to this awesome tool available on Jetsurf official website. 

1- Choose your Jetsurf Model

2- Customize your Jetsurf

3- Order your Jetsurf


Upgrades and Innovations

The new series of Jetsurf as well as the Jetsurf Prototypes will be detailed in a soon to come article based on the All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Video shot at the Boot Dusseldorf 

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Review

The All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2018 has now started after an amazing 2017 series. The new generation of Jetsurfs will be reviewed and tested soon and we will make sure to keep you posted about our impressions and opinions

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