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Acronym that stands for Fédération Internationale De Surf Motorisé

"Founded in 2012, with headquarters in Baar / Switzerland, the Fédération Internationale du Surf Motorisé (FIDSM) has been created to set international standards for the motorized surf sport and racing.

One of the core responsibilities of the FIDSM is the development of motorized surf sport worldwide. Through its member clubs the FIDSM is involved in every level of motorized surf sport and its remit extends to the hundreds of amateurs and professionals who enjoy the motorized surf sport in all of its variety.

The FIDSM is dedicated to representing the interest of the motorized surf community worldwide and defend their interests. On issues such as safety, environment and consumer law the FIDSM is aimed to promote the interests of the motorized surfers, within the European Union and through other international bodies.

The FIDSM is also the governing body for motorized surf sport worldwide. It administers the rules and regulations for all international motorized surf sport including the Moto Surf Grand Prix World Championship."