Membership Opportunities

"With what you have created in such a short a time, I know you are guaranteed success.
There is no other place to advertise or anywhere else I would rather
other than Motosurf Nation, so I'm in!" Wayne.B


"Before getting into the business I would like to spend a few words to congratulate you with the job done by Motosurf Nation. Since I started to get more interested in Jetsurfs I bumped into the web and found it very interesting and learned lots of things ....I first believed that all the world of this sport is about Jetsurf and really appreciated your 360°view, giving space to all other boards and events, that opened my eyes  and gave me a much better photograph of the situation. I believe it is very important and brings a lot of positive aspects for everyone involved in this sport - or interested in being involved as, for example, was in my case ... it would be very difficult to find the same amount of information around the web, having to spend a lot of energy and time to look for every single bit of it from different places." Roberto.B


With over three years of dedication developing our community, Motosurf Nation can help you connect with your customers, coworkers, business partners... and find new business & networking opportunities. Whatever your business goals, our membership opportunities can help. 

Join and Have a meaningful impact on the industry

One of the primary benefits of partnering up with Motosurf Nation is to be part of a specialized community of sports journalists, manufacturers, resellers, thrill seekers, competitors, engineers, explorers, instructors, riders. With your membership, you are supporting our efforts to grow the industry and promote collaboration among its actors.


  • Organize reviews to help brands and customers
  • Promote the brands that have been shaping the industry
  • Educate consumers on products, techniques and local regulations
  • Help structure the competitive scene
  • Facilitate access to reliable information, professionals and products
  • Establish a comprehensive industry directory
  • Inspire collaboration and communication


  • Create synergies and support the community that supports you. As Motosurf Nation grows, we all grow together.
  • Save time: e-marketing and communications is time consuming, leave it to us and spend more time on the field.
  • Reach your customers and collaborate with industry professionals.
  • Help create a lasting industry resource by contributing to the forum as mentor or ambassador.

Membership levels

Official Contributor $10

Official contributors have a special place in our organization and get personalized benefits based on their involvement level.

General Membership $50

General membership is open to individuals and professionals who have been actively involved in the Motosurf (or related) fieldfficial contributors believe they can positively impact our community by being involved in our programs.

Group Membership $250

Group membership is open to clubs and organizations that have more than one member who are interested in joining. Group membership includes 2 courtesy general memberships and up to 20 additional discounted memberships (50% off General Membership).

Business Membership $2,000

Business membership is open to businesses that have more than one employee who are interested in joining. Business membership includes 2 courtesy general memberships and 4 additional discounted memberships (50% off General Membership). Business Members also benefit from additional perks, see below.

Memberships are non refundable, non-transferable, are valid for 12 months and are renewed annually.

Business Membership

Business Members have additional benefits:

  • A premium listing of your business in the Motosurf Nation Online Resource Directory, which includes logo, promotional text, up to four product images, one video and a link to your website.
  • Business member courtesy and discounted memberships belong to the business and can be transferred to other employees.
  • A premium listing of your business in the Motosurf Nation Interactive map.
  • Publication of two articles on our blog and social media pages.
  • Advertising opportunity on the frontpage and selected pages of our website (3 banners max).
  • One sponsored forum category or one sponsored blog category ("This category is presented by...").
  • Promotional products kit (2 outdoor event and beach flags, 2 indoor flags, 4 caps, 4 Shirts, 100 business card with shop discount code, Stickers)

Here is how you can contribute

Link towards inserted in a FB post
Link towards inserted in an article of your website
Account registration
Account registration on (including profile info + profile pic)
Gear section
Share ratings + comments
Introduce yourself to the community and/or launch a topic
Professional directory
Allow us to publish your contact information in a dedicated and member-only access business directory

You have other ideas?

We are constantly looking for ways to grow the community and help our members, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss specific opportunities.