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MSWC: Acronyme that stands for MotoSurf WorldCup (also found as Moto Surf Grand Prix World Championship). Is organised by and comply with the Rules & Regulations set by the Fédération Internationale du Surf Motorisé (FIDSM) created in 2012 to set international standards for the motorized surf sport and racing. Originally very closely linked with Martin Sula founder of Jetsurf TM. 1st edition in 2014 with Races in 4 countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Brazil. Top riders: Flavien Neyertz (FRA), Martin Sula(CZE), Ivo Strouhal (CZE). 2nd edition in 2015 with Races in 4 countries: Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic and China. Top Riders: Jakub Kornfeil (CZE), Lukas Zahorsky(CZE), Michal Lostak(CZE). Launched the 1st official Women Race in Cancun under the impulsion of Mark Stern with riders such as Ale Rivas, Aneta Šacherova, Andrea De Urquidi, Rocio Otero, Martina Lukscheider, Karina Gonzalez, Armina Wolpert or Irene Sarabia. 3rd edition in 2016 with races in 5 countries: Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Nederland and China. Top Men Riders: Lukas Zahorsky (CZE), Kornfeil Jakub(CZE), Jan Charouz (CZE). Top Women Riders: Aneta Sacherova (CZE), Ale Rivas (MEX), Martina Bravencova (CZE) Official website: http://motosurfworldcup.com/