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Live your dreams! Thanks to the innovative city of Bilbao and its people for allowing us to film this video

Onean Team

Onean Carver — Notice technique

Afin d'aider ses clients, Onean a récemment eu l'excellente idée de publier leur manuel technique en Anglais et en Français pour le Carver. Vous vous posez des questions sur la meilleure façon d'utiliser votre planche? Vous vous demandez si la Carver est faite pour vous? Vous vous voulez en savoir plus cette technologie? Consultez et téléchargez ici le Manuel d'utilisation de la Carver par Onean en Français. 

Onean Carver Unboxing by Jetsurfing Nation

First we have to admit that Mike, founder of Jetsurfing Nation, found a great name for his website ;) and second that he gives some good tips and overviews of various boards available on the market. What a great feeling to finally get some help giving a wider, better and more practical view of the industry.

Onean Carver Jetboard User Guide

To help and make it convenient for customers, Onean recently had the excellent idea of publishing their user manual in English for the Carver Jetboards. Still having questions about how to use your board? Not sure if the Carver is a board for you? Curious about the technology? Find and download your Quick Start Guide for the Onean Carver Jetboard here. 

Exclusive Focus on the Onean Carver Tests

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"I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to do your homework properly when buying a new board. I am a huge believer in try before you buy." Hot board testing in the chilly water of the Mediterranean Sea. Full Review.

Onean Carver board test rides in Montpellier -France

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You've heard of Onean boards but never had a chance to juge the products by yourself? If you happen to be in South of France end of January, Styx gives you this opportunity.