Extended All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017 - BRAND NEW TRAILER!

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Extended tour?! ... Coming soon More brands, Unexpected challengers, Deeper interviews 

All Star Jetboard Testing Tour: Day 1 Testing Jetsurf

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One of our main goals in this testing tour — appart from networking and gathering the community — is to help clarify the market situation and understand what boards are or are not available "right away" — meaning, not for preordering. Are they true, fake or promising jetboards at the prototype/project stage?


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Jetsurfing Nation is an Independent media and registered as a Motosurf Nation Official Contributor

JSN is a website as well as a video channel founded by Mike Zed who travels the world for you: "I am just a jet surfing fan and enthusiast, I DO NOT SELL the boards and I am not affiliated with them or any other products I review here unless I specify directly. I make money by selling my own products (unrelated to surfing) on Amazon (You can see what I do on my other channel called Sells Like Hot Cakes). I am NOT a professional surfer, the first time I saw the ocean was when I was 29, so don’t judge me harshly. All I want to do is have fun and put a smile on your face ( hopefully) with my silly jokes and videos. ”

Onean Carver Unboxing by Jetsurfing Nation

First we have to admit that Mike, founder of Jetsurfing Nation, found a great name for his website ;) and second that he gives some good tips and overviews of various boards available on the market. What a great feeling to finally get some help giving a wider, better and more practical view of the industry.