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Electric vs Gas Jetboards

You've been following the new products and technical evolutions, you are craving for a jetboard and about to take the plunge to get your own? This listing gathers benefits and drawbacks for both systems and is meant to help you make your choice depending on your needs, use, expectations, habits and values.


Extended All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017 - BRAND NEW TRAILER!

Extended tour?! ... Coming soon More brands, Unexpected challengers, Deeper interviews 

Motosurf GP

MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 final path in Florida

November 3 to 5, the MotoSurf WorldCup final path leads us to Florida. Find the race announcement official press release and detailed information in this article and learn all you need to know about the ultimate event of the Motosurf WorldCup 2017. 


All Star Jetboard Testing Tour 2017 With Radinn in Barcelona!


This Sunday Motosurf Nation is taking the Barcelona International Boat Show as a perfect opportunity to team up again with its official business members Jet Board limited and Jetsurfing Nation. The three partners will get together on the beach of the capital of Catalunya and 2nd most populous municipality of Spain, to run an exclusive interview of Alexander Lind — Co-founder of Radinn, followed by a test ride of the Wakejet Cruise.


Jetson Surfboards

Jetson Surfboards, S.L. manufactures boosted surfboards. The company also offers surfboard batteries, double batteries, rear and full grip products, packing products, balancers, and basic and professional chargers. It offers its products through distributors in Northern and Mediterranean coasts of Spain; and online. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.



The pouring down rain on Friday didn't prevent racers from offering some spectacular performance at the MotoSurf World Cup in Prague over the past weekend. Lukáš Záhorský managed to close Sebastian Kubinec in the current leading, while Martina Bravencová extended her leadership.


The Amazing History Of Motorized Surfboard in 5 minutes

Long before advanced jetboards entered the market, riders have been trying to solve the "lack of waves issue" that comes with conventional surfboarding.

The stress of long distance paddling, coupled with the disappointment of finding no waves to surf led inventors to crack their heads and design new models and technologies. There had to be a different way to surf regardless of the natural and weather conditions.

A surfboard that could propels itself and surf flat waters was the answer. Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about the birth and evolution of the “motorized surfboard.”

Motosurf GP

MotoSurf WorldCup heading to the Czech Republic this weekend

MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 is heading to the Czech Republic - homeland of Jetsurf! The 4th racing series of the season will once again, take place right in downtown Prague. World's fastest jetsurfers will take their carbon fiber Jetsurf crafts on the course located between the beautiful Czech National Theatre and the famous Charles Bridge. This first weekend of September the gorgeous Czech Capital should be the stage of some great racing action!

Announcing the 1st European All Star Jetboard Testing Tour

Enjoy a myriad of fantastic European destinations — from gorgeous lakes to mythic seaside riding spots — and get to better know a large selection of jetboards through numerous tests and demos. Follow us daily and experience the 1st All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Starting September 14th in Benidorm and ending two weeks later in Hoces del rio duraton —  Spain. Learn more and don't miss out the 1st European All Star Jetboard Testing Tour Kick-off!



powered foam core stand up paddleboard with a built in electric jet drive

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