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Onean Carver Jetboard User Guide

To help and make it convenient for customers, Onean recently had the excellent idea of publishing their user manual in English for the Carver Jetboards. Still having questions about how to use your board? Not sure if the Carver is a board for you? Curious about the technology? Find and download your Quick Start Guide for the Onean Carver Jetboard here. 

Technology & Engineering

Li-ion Power Battery : Important Safety Notice

Onean recently published an important safety notice about the Lithium-ion power batteries and highly recommends to any Onean board's owner to read this official document. You will learn all you need to know about how to use and maintain the lithium-ion batteries. 

Rental Centers


New and first rental center in Benelux. 

Based in Anvers. Riding locations vary from lakes to seasides of Belgium and Nederland


First Official World Record On A Jetboard

Three motosurf instructors of our first Business Member — Jet Board Limited — took part in a fun day with BBC kids TV channel "Officially Amazing" and while entertaining the kids of England with their Jetboards and riding skills, Slade Brooks from Cape town (South Africa), Louis Allen & Paul Desmond from UK, managed to set two world records.


2nd Race of the Motosurf Worldcup 2017 - St-Petersburg - Russia


MotoSurf WorldCup ready for Russian premiere MotoSurf WorldCup and Jetsurf Russia finally join forces for the event, and the result is fantastic. The second race of the season will be brought right into the center of Saint Petersburg. The course on the river Neva close to the Vasilevsky Island and the State Hermitage Museum will make this round simply awesome from June 9 to 10. 

Technology & Engineering

Island Inflatable introducing the ePropulsion Lagoon

Learn more about the ePropulsion Lagoon, an Electric Propulsion System for SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks & Canoes (Short). This compact Electric drive / propulsion system suit fit any Stand Up Paddle board SUP. Light weight coming in at 4kg total.


Jetboards & boat shows 2018

Where to find your favorite jetboards? In which boat show to see which Jetboard all through the year?

Organised all year round across the world, Boat Shows are great opportunities to meet jetboards manufacturers and riders as well as enjoying brand new products and innovations exclusive previews.

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